Acne Treatment

 Acne is caused by the buildup of oil and dead cells resulting in blocked pores, zits, cysts and other types of blockages that cause inflammation below the skin's surface. It is most commonly located on the face, but it also appears quite often on the neck, chest and back. Also, while acne tends to affect mostly teenagers, it can persist later in life, affecting adults in all age groups and with a variety of different skin types. Acne can however be controlled with the right combination of products, used in the correct way.  At Sihoney Skin care with Reeta's Acne Clearing Program we use Face Reality™ Acne Clearing System. This works when everything else has failed. The pills, the empty infomercial promises, the prescription creams that work…until they don’t. Stop wasting your time and money! At Sihoney Skin Care with Reeta, we use a unique system for helping you get clear skin with a 90% success rate of treating acne without prescription drugs or products with dangerous side effects. The program is recognized as a leading authority in the management of acne. In working with hundreds of acne sufferers, we have learned the fine art of knowing exactly what products to use on exactly what type of acne you have and will provide you with the tools to get your skin clear and keep it clear.

At the consultation, I take into account * Your Skin Type * Your Acne Type * Your Skin Condition * How fast your skin adapts to our products * Lifestyle considerations that could be affecting your skin. We cover everything together. You’ll receive the first treatment as long as you are eligible and decide to go forward and you’ll purchase the products you need which range between $125 and $200. After the initial purchase, you should only need to replace 1 or 2 products at a time, as needed.
It is recommended, but not necessary, to come in every 2 weeks for the first 2 to 3 months for follow up treatments. If you can’t make it in that often, don’t worry, I’ll get you on a great home care routine for your specific acne type.

FACE REALITY™ CONSULTATION                        $90 plus the cost of products.             90 minutes

Face Reality™ Program Treatments                        Starting at $50.             60 minutes